Van holding bagpipes and dressed in Scout uniform

A Great Scottish Musical Instrument For A Great Scottish Game!

It’s well known that bagpipes and golfing go hand in hand. What’s a golfing event without a Piper! Van is ready to help celebrate a great Scottish game with a great Scottish musical instrument.

Van is available to play for any golf tournament, fund raiser, awards dinner or Club house function that is being planed for this golf season.

As a professional bagpiper, Van has 15 years experience playing for golf tournaments, parties, weddings and other social events. He has the skills necessary to entertain the golfers and help make your golfing events as exciting as they possibly can be.

He is available to entertain the golfers as they warm up their drives and putts and then pipe them off as they prepare to tee off. He is also available to provide entertainment for the awards banquet or dinner. He has a long list of rousing Scottish tunes that will bring a touch of Scotland to your golfing event.



“The golfers loved the effect you helped to create. Thank you!”

Barbara Wood
Roseman University, Las Vegas, NV

“It was so great to have you participate with us yesterday. Thank you so much. I didn't get to see you and thank you last night, but wanted you to know what a wonderful addition you made to the program. Please know, how glad we were to have you there. I have been hearing comments that people wanted more bagpiping, so we will have to see what we can do for another time.”
Elise Noorda

To check Van’s availability to play for you and your guests, you can reach him at 702-994-5314 or email him at

Van teaches Student in Fayetteville North carolina the bagpipes Bagpiping at a funeral with honor guard Bagpiping at a funeral with honor guard