Now you can learn to play the unique and very popular musical instrument that few people in the world can play! You don’t need a set of bagpipes to start learning to play! All beginning lessons will take place on a “Practice Chanter” and beginning lessons include a free lesson book.

Van will guide you through the start up process and help you choose the proper practice chanter and even advise you when it comes time to purchase your own set of pipes.

Van is a very patient instructor and works equally well with both children and adults. You can start learning to play the pipes at any age, but the earlier you start, the better. Ten would be perfect but you’re never too old to start. Van has taught students as young as six years old and as “young at heart” as 71 years old!

You will immediately begin playing the practice chanter and based on your ability, you will soon start playing the Great Highland Bagpipe. When you learn to play at a sufficient level, Van will help you join, and play with a local bagpipe band! In the past few years that Van has been actively teaching the bagpipe, 17 of his students have successfully played with the Las Vegas Pipe Band. Van will help you become a member of, and play with a pipe band right here in Fayetteville.

Individual 50-minute lessons are only $25. Most students choose one lesson a week but for those wanting to start playing the pipes in a shorter time, several lessons a week can be arranged. The choice is yours.

Online Lessons

Van has recently started giving pipe lessons on line and has had tremendous success. If you live outside the city or have trouble traveling across the valley, “On Line Lessons” might be exactly what you need.

Van’s experiences with teaching on line have been very positive. Rather than travel a great distance once a week for pipe lessons, which can be very difficult, this would be a much easier and affordable way to learn to play the bag pipe.

If you are interested in “On Line Lessons” he can communicate with you further to work out all the details. It should be simple to get started and he would do his best to work around your busy schedule.


“I don’t ever show it, but I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You are the reason I am playing today, and I just wanted to tell you “Thank You.” Thank you for your patience and understanding. I will never forget… What a wonderful world this would be if every student’s life could be touched by a teacher as caring as you. Thanks so much.”
Angel Hinojosa
“Van is one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure to learn from. He has such a vast knowledge base of bagpiping. He's a professional in every regard and has the ability to make the more difficult aspects of piping easy to understand. I highly recommend Van to everyone interested in learning to play the coolest instrument on the planet!!”
Chris F.
“I've had a lot of music teachers starting at a very young age. What makes Van one of my best teachers are his abilities to constructively point out and work on my weaknesses and to push me just beyond my current abilities. I know he will help me work on the details that make a good musician great. His love and knowledge of Scottish music have been a valuable resource and a great inspiration.”
Steve Davis
“To paraphrase the old high school football cheer, “if Van can’t do it; then nobody can.” Van Frazier was born to teach. Van’s ability to teach piping combines his personal mastery of piping with his inherent ability to get inside of his students’ minds and adjust his teaching methods accordingly. It’s one thing to play the pipes well. It’s quite another to teach piping well. Van has mastered both playing and teaching.

As far as the business aspect of teaching, Van’s fees are so minimal that any serious student can afford to commit to studying the pipes. Van also has a unique ability to schedule lessons during the normal working day to accommodate shift workers. I’ll remain forever grateful for all of the effort he has expended on my behalf.”
C.T. Seidl

For more information, you can call Van at 702-994-5314 or email him at: bagpipingbyvan@live.com