Van dressed in scottish kilt with Blackwood Scottish Bagpipes

"Without music life would Bb"

Piper, Van W. Frazier lives in North Carolina and is available to play the pipes and entertain at any event or occasion such as weddings, funerals, parties, conventions, school assemblies, Eagle Scout Court of Honors and any Corporate event.

There are few other instruments as versatile as the great highland bagpipe. From funerals to weddings and parties and everything in between; a well-played scottish bagpipe can bring joy, sadness, melancholy and remembrance to your guests. It is truly an instrument for all-seasons. When you want to create an impact or leave a lasting impression on your guests, here are

10 great reasons to hire a piper.

New Year’s Eve: It doesn’t get much better than marching in to a party playing Auld Lang Syne then lighting up the event with march’s, strathspey’s and reels.

Birthday and Surprise Parties: “Happy birthday” on the bagpipes is a sure-fire way to make your birthday memorable…to you and all your guests. It’s well worth the look on the guest of honors' face when the piper walks in.

Golf Tournaments & Curling Bonspiels: Entertain the golfers as they warm up their drives and putts. March teams onto the ice, march the winners to the platform: celebrate great Scottish games with a great Scottish instrument.

Weddings: Marching in the bride, groom, and wedding party in or out of the church. Marching in the wedding party to the reception or even playing the first waltz adds excitement to the wedding. It adds that memorable moment that makes great photos and leaves a lasting impression.

Head Tables: Make it official, and have a piper lead your honored guests through the crowd. As everyone stands and claps, the piper delivers the guests of honor to the head table with pomp and fanfare.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor: Imagine the surprise and excitement of your guests as a piper appears dressed in traditional Scottish attire, as the Color Guard is piped in with a medley of patriotic tunes.

Funerals and Memorials: The piping world is full of absolutely beautiful pipe tunes that often bring a tear to the eye and foster deep reminisces of a loved one. Amazing Grace and Danny Boy are popular played on the great Scottish Bagpipes, but there are also so many others.

Arrivals and Departures:  Arriving at the airport? Your winning sports team, family member or friend returning from overseas? A piper can welcome loved ones home in a most memorable way.

Corporate Events and Conventions: You can add sizzle and excitement to your convention, trade show, parties or special event. There is a large selection of Scottish, Irish, and American Patriotic tunes as well as Christmas tunes that are appropriate for your office party, convention or event.

Graduations and Commencements: A very fitting way to commemorate the end of a long academic program with a piper leading in graduates to a hall filled with proud family and friends.

Contact Van now at 702-994-5314 or email him at